About Boeskoolbedje

A 'Boeskool' is a white cabbage which used to be grown in the surroundings around Oldenzaal. At the yearly carnival Oldenzaal changes into 'Boeskool'town and also at other events the name Boeskool is often used. When Ellen and Marcia started their B&B in 2016, they didn't have to think very long about a suitable name: Boeskoolbedje (bedje = a small bed). Let the fun begin!

How it started...

Ellen has always lived in Oldenzaal. However, she found her wife in the western part of the Netherlands. She persuaded her to come and live in Oldenzaal and together they (re)discovered the surroundings. How wonderful it would be to share this with more people from the west and other parts of the country or even beyond. So when they decided to buy a new house together, it had to be a house with enough space to create a B&B.

Boeskoolbedje's mission

We love Twente, but also the typically English tea rooms and B&B's. We tried to mix this into a modern B&B. You will find authentic furniture which has been redecorated because we also like a clean B&B. With lots of accessories it is much more than a hotel room. We hope you will feel at home with us!